Savor the Local Flavors of San Clemente’s Coffee Scene

At San Clemente Cove, we understand the importance of immersing yourself in the local culture. One of the best ways to do so is by exploring the San Clemente community, brimming with locally-owned coffee shops. To enhance your exploration, we compiled a guide spotlighting some of the best San Clemente coffee shops. We challenge you to savor the experience on your next visit!

San Clemente Coffee Shops

  • West Toast Cafe: Catering to both your lighter and heartier appetites, this cafe takes pride in sourcing fresh, organic, and local ingredients. West Toast Cafe is proudly partnered with Panther Coffee, offering single origin coffee from Nicaragua and Brazil. 


  • High Tide Coffee: High Tide Coffee is a local, family owned and operated coffee company based in South Orange County. This coffee shop prides themselves on fresh, strong, quality coffee, with a focus on the classics; hot drip coffee, cold brewed iced coffee, fresh espresso and fine roasted coffee beans.


  • Bear Coast Coffee:  A locally-owned treasure, which found its roots in San Clemente and has since blossomed with multiple locations across Orange County. Setting itself apart, this San Clemente coffee shop boasts a distinctive feature – the creation of all sauces and flavorings in-house including lavender-infused caramel, nutmeg-accented vanilla, and the luxurious dark chocolate ganache. Elevating the experience, they also craft fresh almond milk daily.


  • Sur Coffee: A coastal-based coffee shop and roastery making waves for positive change right here in Southern California. Their flagship location graces the vibrant community of San Clemente. As a farm-to-cup coffee shop, they take pride in sourcing their coffee from exotic locations worldwide, fostering direct relationships with farmers. Make your day brighter with a fresh cup of coffee while contributing to global well-being. 


We believe in curating experiences that go beyond the ordinary. By embracing the local coffee culture, our guests not only savor the flavors of San Clemente, but are actively contributing to supporting the local community. So, sip, stay, and let the warmth of community and caffeine welcome you during your unforgettable stay at San Clemente Cove.


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